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In English

Patient’s role

Successful pharmacotherapy requires a patient to comply with themselves to the treatment prescribed. For example, a cholesterol lowering medicine alone does not replace a healthy diet; blood pressure tablets, to lower high blood pressure, can be completely defeated by continued over use of salt.

Typical pharmaceutical questions users of medicine should consider

  • What is the purpose of the medicine.
  • What is the medication’s dosage and am I allwed to change the dose on my own.
  • At what time does the medicine need to be taken.
  • How fast will the medicine start to take affect.
  • What foods or drinks should not be taken at the same time with the medicine.
  • How long does this medicine need to be used.
  • What are the side affects the medicine might have and when should a doctor be contacted.
  • Does the medicine lower your attentiveness or ability to drive a motor vehicle.
  • How should the medicine be stored.
  • How do I take the medicine properly with the apparatus provided.
  • Am I accidentally taking the same medicine under different brand names.
  • Are there less expensive, interchangeable medicines that perhaps KELA (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) will help co-pay.
  • How does the prescription get renewed, and when.
  • Are there medicine interactions possible with other medications.

If necessary, ask your pharmacist for more information


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